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Well, not much else to do. Aug. 22nd, 2005 @ 11:53 pm
Hehe, just killed me a few demons, darlin'. That makes... hell, I think I lost count already. But since I been on this caravan, I've killed a bunch, I do know that much. *sigh* Not much to do now but rest a while and write in this for you. Then maybe I'll go and get me a little drink or two.

There's this fellow next to me. I think he's wearin' a ladies' coat. Well... ya get by with what ya can I guess. He's got this big grin. Not too many people smile for no reason anymore. And he's scrawlin' somethin on a big pad of paper...

Just a sec doll, he's saying something to me.

Heh, well... that was interestin'. He's drawing me now. Says he's an artist. Last one in the world, so he claims. I didn't tell him none about your pictures. I figure maybe when I get you back you'll grow up to be the only other artist in the world, hehehe. He's a nice fella though. I think you'd like to meet him. He's going to S.A. same as me. He draws pretty good, I think he means to draw someone or something there.

Speaking of S.A. I hope this Dante fella is easy to find. I mean, with his reputation he can't be too hard to spot, right? I'm kinda hoping for another attack. There ain't been no fun ones yet, mostly just the little fellers like what young hunters start out a'killin'. Nothing for a pro in days. I need a good workout before I go to meet Mr. Dante. Get out all my frustration, ya know? Well... I am kinda tired. I might just doze a while. I hadn't slept in about twenty hours.... Maybe I'll... just...

*writing ends with a small squiggle*
Right now I'm: sleepysleepy
Music to hunt by: people snoring

Well, got nothin' better to do. Aug. 5th, 2005 @ 03:33 pm
Thought maybe I'd start keeping a record of things. Ya know, in case anything was to happen. Or maybe I'll give it to ya one day, jus to let ya see what all yer ol' man's been up to since ya been gone.

I sure do miss ya, darlin'. Miss yer mom and brothers too, but can't do nothin' for them anymore. Nothin' but hunt.

And I been doin' a great deal of that, heh, purty well if I do say so myself. Oh, by the way Michelle, you'll prolly notice my spellin' ain't too proper. That was yer mom's thing, reading and writing. I can get by, but I'm no teacher. Just try to ignore the mistakes, I'm just a lot better at fixing things and killing uglies.

I sure do hope yer alright. Right now I'm on my way to find this guy who might know how to find ya. Name's Dante. Sounds like a real badass, don't he? Hehe. Guess maybe I shouldn't talk like that infront of ya. But I figger by the time I get to ya, you'll have heard worse. I keep hoping you got away somehow and are just hiding out somewhere... but I know better in my heart.

Anyways, I'm gettin' off subject. I'm travelin' with a caravan on its way to what used to be Los Angeles. Dante's 'sposed to be there. Heh, the best thing about being a hunter is that caravans'll take ya along to wherever ya'd wanna go, and even PAY you to come along! Ha, guess they're a bit paranoid. I know I'd be too if I wasn't what I am. Always good to have an extra gun around. One of the guys here says that the hordes get thicker near LA. Dunno why. I think maybe they want to get to that Dante fellow too. Or maybe they just like the flavor that comes outta ol' Hollywood.

I wished I'd have kept ya'll in the lower levels. I wish a lot of things now.

Alright! Another attack on the caravan darlin', I gotta go kill me some demons. I'll write in here again when I get the chance. Love you baby.
Right now I'm: busy
Music to hunt by: the thunder of a good many guns...
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